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Certified New York Court Reporters

The staff is comprised of top-notch New York court reporters, all of whom are courteous and experienced in all phases of litigation, including patent, medical malpractice and arbitration. Please note we do not use reporters straight out of school. You can expect your Greenhouse reporters to have at least ten years' experience. 

Deposition Director

DepositionDirector can be used either on a stand alone basis as a video synchronization program, or bundled with TrialDirector as a video presentation tool. 


RealTime (LiveNote/CaseView) 

Using LiveNote/CaseView, as the reporter transcribes your deposition, the text can simultaneously be transmitted to your computer screen of iPad. Text can be viewed, annotated and issue-coded within seconds of testimony being given. This is achieved simply by connecting a laptop computer (yours or ours) directly to the court reporter's laptop. 
Now you can also connect to our reporter via our secure WiFi connection and receive the testimony on your iPad! 

LiveNote Real time Internet Service 

With our LiveNote server you can attend depositions worldwide without leaving your desk. Just call us to schedule an Internet deposition. Our LiveNote server provides a robust connection by buffering the transcript: It is fault tolerant and even if your connection is lost, or if you connect late to the proceeding, you are still guaranteed to receive the transcript in its entirety. 

While using our LIveNote server you can also use other online applications, while receiving and manipulating realtime text in LiveNote

The LiveNote FT

Application provides case-wide searching of transcripts. Wildcard, proximity, boolean, numeric, customizable synonym and fuzzy searching are available. This litigation support application makes finding the needle in the haystack of testimony an achievable goal.

litigation Support

You are provided a CD with the deposition transcript in several formats. PDFs (full and condensed), eTranscript, ASCII files, RTF (Rich-Text-Format) and PDFs of any exhibits we were provided. 

Video Services

All videos are produced in-house to insure the highest quality. Videos are delivered on DVD in any desired format (i.e., MPG-1, MPG-2, Synchronized, etc.)
We use only broadcast quality cameras and microphones, so you can always count on a clear image and a crisp sound recording. We use a neutral, self standing, unobtrusive backdrop, so all the depositions are uniform in appearance. Our videographers are always professional and courteous. 

Trial Director

TrialDirector is a court presentation tool with powerful multi-display capabilities used to present all forms of evidence on your PC or laptop such as: video playback, scanned images, depositions with synchronized text transcript, photographs, and even PowerPoint presentations. It includes barcode printing for quick recall of items during trial. An easy to use, unobtrusive roll up toolbar provides on the fly markup options. Highlight, zoom or project specific text and image details to focus attention on important points. No more flip charts and magic markers! 

video synchronization

Another exciting new technology that we provide in-house is called Video Synchronization. Using DepositionDirector, we can now synchronize your videotapes with deposition transcripts on CD-ROM. Both the video and the testimony can be simultaneously viewed on your laptop, providing you with instant access to any portion of the deposition. This technology will eliminate the 11th hour nightmare of frantically editing videotapes on the eve of trial because you can easily make clips on the fly. A very nice feature of DepositionDirector is that it can be linked to any word search program which utilizes the Microsoft Windows clipboard, such as LiveNote and Summation. 

exhibit linking via livenote lef

LEF (LiveNote Evidence Format) is a file format that contains all the deposition and hyperlinked deposition exhibits ready for import into LiveNote. An LEF file can also contain the synchronized video file, enabling easy playback of the deposition video in LiveNote. The LEF file can be delivered by email (file size permitting) and on CD or DVD. The LEF file can also be imported into Summation. 

Transcript Condensing by Min-U-Script

Using both sides, a 100-page transcript can be reduced to as few a five pages. At the back of each Min-U-Script transcript is an index of all words with page/line references to each occurrence. Additionally, we can provide you with a Master Word Index of all words by witness and page/line location, which will automatically be updated throughout the case. 

Secure Online Transcript and Exhibit Repository

We have a secure online transcript and exhibit repository for your convenience, where all transcripts and exhibits will be archived indefinitely.  We also archivetranscripts and exhibits locally. 


Interpreters are available at your request in all languages.

Worldwide Coverage

We can service your New York City court reporting and video needs as well as throughout the country and internationally as well. 

If it proves to be more cost effective for you we can also service your court reporting and video needs through our networking relationships with other court reporting services throughout the world. 

Encrypted E-transcript

In addition to your hard copy transcript, by utilizing e-Transcript, we can e-mail you along with providing on a CD, a secure, (password optional) format, while assuring accurate page and line integrity. With e-transcript, formatting problems are no longer an issue. Your printed transcripts will match your desktop electronic version perfectly. Every e-transcript is a fully hyperlinked transcript and electronic word-index with its own word-search program built into it. 

video Conference Room

Our brand new, state of the art facility. now available for the business community. We are happy to provide you with a comfortable and economical alternative to the inconvenience of travel, conveniently located n midtown Manhattan one block from  Penn Station. The conference room features Polycom Viewstation MP delivers high quality enhanced video from 56k to full motion 384/512 k at 30 frames per second, Multiple site connectivity capabilities, Two 32 inch monitors, Document camera which enables you to share documents with the other participants, On-site technicians and a Courteous staff.

Call or Email us today to schedule a video conference!


Summation Blaze is a software program designed by litigators to search and annotate transcripts, control & retrieve document database summaries and document images, take interactive Realtime depositions and create case outlines.

It also features Summation Realtime, an interactive tool for viewing, searching and annotating Realtime depositions. 

Conference Room

A complimentary conference room is available to you at our New York City office at your request.